005: Engaging through Development | Featuring Jayne White


Jayne White Director, Talent Management at Forest City Enterprises


How would you drive culture change to support a fundamental strategic shift in the company? How do you respond to a growing “talent gap,” with early and mid-year associates leaving for opportunities in industries less affected by the recession? And how do you do all this with limited resources and budget? For one company, an important step has been a development program for high-potential associates that creates new engagement, relationships, and opportunities.

In this episode, Jesse interviews Jayne White, Director of Talent Management for Forest City Enterprises.  Together, they discuss one of several efforts she is leading to help develop and engage the employees at her company.

As discussed in episode 2, one of the 6 Cs of Engagement is Coaching, which is about helping people develop themselves from a personal or career perspective. Jayne White shares her story of putting this employee engagement principle into action at Forest City, including the context that led her to develop the strategy, the structure of the program, and the communication and branding that defined expectations and generated recognition for participants.

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