011: How to Develop Executive Presence | with Tom Henschel


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Tom Henschel is the president of Essential Communications, an executive development firm. Tom has been an executive coach for 20 years and for the last seven years he has also hosted the popular podcast The Look & Sound of Leadership™, a series of executive coaching tips designed to help you be perceived the way you want to be perceived in the workplace.

Jesse welcomes Tom to this episode of the Engaging Leader podcast to discuss executive presence. Together they review Tom’s “S.A.S” model for executive leadership, as well as address several questions, including:

  • What is executive presence?
  • Why is it important?
  • Is it real, or it is just about perception?
  • How does a non-executive begin to develop executive presence?

Henschel QuoteResources Mentioned in This Episode

Essential Communications

The Look & Sound of Leadership

For specific tips on being present and not highly distractible: The Distracted Executive

For specific tips on finding the right altitude: Sounding Executive

For specific tips on balancing positive relationships equally with achieving results: The Well-Balanced Executive

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