013: Socially Smart: Things Gen Y Needs to Know that Schools Aren’t Teaching | Featuring Jenn Swanson


Socially Smart: Things Gen Y Needs to Know that Schools Aren't Teaching



In this episode, Jesse is joined by the host of the Communication Diva podcast as well as author of the e-book How to Be Professional in the Workplace, Jenn Swanson. Jenn teaches Human Relation Skills at the college-level part-time, and the other part of the time she works with high-school students in youth ministry. So she spends a lot of the time coaching, teaching, and thinking about helping young people succeed, especially people from Generation Y and Generation Z.

Together, Jenn and Jesse focus on some of the social and communication skills that Gen Y and even Gen Z can learn from older generations; skills that Jenn says schools are not teaching.  In examining these skills within the younger generations, she explains:

  • What are the characteristics of generation Y that set them to distinguish them in the marketplace?
  • Many Gen Y people list “excellent communication skills” on their resume, but employers reporting that they don’t actually communicate professionally; why is that?
  • Why is this a topic that Gen Y and younger adults need to pay attention to if they want to be leaders with influence?
  • Why is emotional intelligence (E IQ) for Gen Y just as important as skills involving writing and social media?
  • Why is this a topic that leadership needs to pay attention to?
  • Why does the communication problem seem to be getting worse?
  • How can leaders who are Gen X and Baby Boomers best connect with Gen Y and Z?

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Communication Diva podcast

How to Be Professional in the Workplace by Jenn Swanson

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