024: True Fans Part 1: Why You and Your Business Need to Build True Fans


True Fans Part 1. Photo courtesy of BigStock (katatonia82)


How do you get more customers?  In the Connected Economy, that’s actually the wrong question. Instead, we need to ask how to build relationships and a community of True Fans. People matter most, and the quality of relationships is more important than the quantity of relationships.

In the first part, Jesse explains WHAT the True Fans model is and WHY it’s important. Next time, he will provide some ideas for HOW you can build True Fans. Although this sounds like it’s only a marketing topic, it’s truly about leaders — doing what’s right both for your team and for your career. Jesse explains:

  • The bad news: In the Connected Economy, customers aren’t enough – you need True Fans.
  • The good news: You only need a finite number of True Fans – probably fewer than you think!
  • The 4 types of customers — including True Fans
  • How your employees can become Super Fans

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Original post by Wired Magazine’s Senior Editor Kevin Kelly

Video: Traditional economy vs. the New Economy

Blog: True Fan + Engaged Employee = Super Fan

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