026: How to Improve Your Public Speaking and Be a Leader Worth Following | with Kent Julian


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In this episode, Jesse talks about how to improve your presentations and public speaking skills, and how that can help you be a leader whom other people think is worth following. Jesse is joined by Kent Julian, who is a speaking coach that delivers speeches to thousands of students, educators, and business professionals all across America each year. Earlier in his career, Kent was a leader within a large national organization, and several years ago he launched Live It Forward, LLC, where he now speaks to people about goal setting, leadership, and career success. Kent also has a Bootcamp twice a year where he trains people who want to become public speakers. Together, Jesse and Kent discuss the following questions:

  • For new or up-and-coming leaders, why is effective public speaking required for people to see you as a leader?
  • For experienced leaders, why is effective public speaking key for moving your leadership to the next level of impact?
  • How do you know if you are an effective speaker … or if you need improvement?
  • How does speaking put you in the position of “energy leader”?
  • How can you improve your speaking and presenting?
  • How do you adapt your presentation content and style to different venues or sizes of groups?

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