029: How to Use DISC and Birth Order to Be an Engaging Leader


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In this episode, Jesse and Marty discuss how helpful it is to understand the four DISC personality profiles or temperaments:

  • Dominant
  • Influencing
  • Steady
  • Conscientious

However, it’s often difficult to remember what the four profiles mean, to identify which of the four profiles is most applicable to someone you know, and sometimes even to know which most apply to you. That’s why for years, Jesse and Marty have found it helpful to also understand the influence that birth order has on people’s personalities … it’s certainly easier to ask a person if they are a middle child than to guess at their DISC profile or ask them to take a DISC assessment. Together, Jesse and Marty examine the connections between birth order and personality profiles and how you can use that connection to engage the people around you.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Video: Play to Strengths with DISC and Birth Order

Book: The Birth Order Book by psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman

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For the transcript of this episode: : EL 29: How to Use DISC and Birth Order to Be an Engaging Leader | with Marty Lahey

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