046: How to Build a Personal Brand | with Glenn Llopis



Employee Brand - Glen LLopisBuilding a personal brand is essential to becoming a leader worth following.  It allows people to see style of your leadership and more importantly the quality of results they can expect from you. But how do you build a personal brand in a responsible way that isn’t simply self-promotion?

Our guest on this episode is Glenn Llopis, the nationally recognized thought-leader, author, and founder of the Center for Hispanic Leadership.  Glenn has written for many business publications on the subject of personal branding, including The New York Times and Forbes, as well as in his e-book Why a Personal Employee Brand Will Save Your Career and Your Workplace.

Jesse and Glenn discuss questions such as:

  • Creating your personal brand is not necessarily about self-promotion, but instead about being a role-model and a leader.  How are the two different?
  • What is the first step people can take to identify and develop their personal brand?
  • How do you spread your personal brand without promoting yourself?
  • Even though he uses social media extensively, Glenn says people be wary of using it. Why?
  • Who are some leaders we should consider as examples for how to build a personal brand?

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