047: How the Serious Side of Games Can Engage People | with Elise Olding from Gartner



GartnerDespite the hype, several experts insist that gamification — using game inspired-tactics to engage people — can be a powerful strategy for behavioral change and worker productivity.

Elise Olding, a Research Director at the tech research firm Gartner, has predicted that by 2015, 40% of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations. Her areas of focus include organizational change, communications strategies, and emerging trends in employee engagement from a hands-on practitioner view. Elise provides research on a worldwide basis, advising clients on best practices to achieve sustainable change and business transformation.

In episode 14 of the Gamer Changer podcast series, we discussed 4 tips from Elise’s research for applying gamification within the enterprise. In this episode of Engaging Leader, Jesse and Elise discuss:

  • What neuroscience shows about the reasons gamification is a powerful engagement strategy
  • Why leaders may need to gamify their employees’ work, even though it seems like it should be intrinsically interesting
  • How gamification can help keep people engaged over time, when they otherwise might get burned out on repetitive tasks
  • How gamification can help employees maintain line of sight between their specific work and the overall purpose and goals of the organization.

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