048: How to Build Deep Business Relationships | with David J. Soler



david solerDeep, long-term business relationships can be extremely valuable. Yet most people seem much more focused on getting a high quantity of customers or other relationships, even if they are low-quality, short-term relationships. David J. Soler is an expert on the topic of relationship marketing and sales. He is the host of the top-rated “Relationship Marketing and Sales Podcast” on iTunes, and the Founder of the Relationship Marketing & Sales Academy.

In this episode, Jesse and David discuss principles for building deep business relationships, including:

  • How the “True Fan” and “relationship marketing” approaches to business development focus on quality relationships, not quanity.
  • What is a healthy focus is for attracting and developing clients and customers?
  • What is the Secret Sauce for building those true fan customers?
  • Should I share my personal side of my life with my customers?

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