050: Keys to Personal Productivity | with Erik Fisher



Erik FisherMost of us don’t have the luxury of only being leaders … we need to get work done personally as well as through other people. And whether we are getting things done ourselves or through other people, we need to maximize productivity. Erik Fisher is the host of Beyond the To-Do List, a hugely popular business podcast about managing time, prioritizing tasks, and avoiding burnout. He’s been studying the topic of productivity and interviewing many experts and practitioners.

Erik and Jesse discuss the common themes Erik has seen after conducting so many interviews about personal productivity, including:

  • Goals and priorities
  • Routines
  • Time and energy
  • Distraction and focus

They also address:

  • The most common misconception Erik has seen about productivity.
  • When Jesse started his career a couple decades ago, the Franklin planner was huge in the area of time management. Shortly afterwords, the Steven Covey “Seven Habits” approach took center stage. Then about a decade ago, David Allen introduced GTD, and it eventually became one of the most popular approaches. Is GTD still the dominant time management system today?
  • Erik’s current favorite tools, resources, and apps for personal productivity.
  • For many of us, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media seem to make a giant sucking sound as they can consume a seemingly endless amount time without us even realizing it. How can we use our time wisely in the realm of social media?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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