063: How to Make an Impact on a Corporate Board of Directors | with Betsy Atkins



Behind Boardroom DoorsIf you are a CEO or if you been working in corporate America, you probably have had some involvement with the Board of Directors – either advising them or being advised by them.

If you already serve on a Board of Directors, do you think you’re really making an impact? Is your involvement making a difference in the service of the company’s employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders?

It’s not just something you can do by accident: there is an intentional, proactive way to be an effective board member for a public company.

Jesse’s guest today is Betsy Atkins, author of Behind Boardroom Doors: Lessons of a Corporate Director. Betsy has been CEO for three companies, and she has been a “professional director” on public and private U.S. and International companies, experiencing 11 IPO’s, three bankruptcies, many CEO changes, acquisitions, divestitures, “go private’s” and mergers of equals.

This is a book full of in-depth accounts that Betsy shares of her experiences at serving on these various boards. She tells a lot of great stories and what she learns about them. Betsy and Jesse discuss a number of principles shared in Behind Boardroom Doors, as well as explore the several questions on how a director on a board can make a difference:

  • What’s the right way to act in different boardroom situations?
  • Can one board member truly make a difference?
  • How can someone become a successful and helpful board member?
  • How you can get on a Board of Directors if you’re not already serving in that capacity?

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