069: 9 Telltale Signs of Influence 3.0



Business Concept. Leadership Sign.

What used to work for leaders in the past is no longer as effective today. Today’s workforce is more diverse, with more women and more ethnicities represented. New technologies make information accessible to everyone. And globalization means greater competition and opportunities. As a result, the leaders who are producing the best business results are now those high in Interactive leadership.

Is your leadership as effective as it can be? There are 9 telltale signs:

Today, a great leader …

  • Is empathetic, authentic, self-disclosing
  • Is agile and flexible
  • Is collaborative, including co-creating a shared purpose with the team (rather than casting a vision for the team)
  • Sees and tolerates ambiguity and paradox
  • Encourages group accountability
  • Shares decision-making with others
  • Stimulates questioning and dialogue
  • Takes great pride in work outcomes (rather than in gaining and keeping power)
  • Regards long-term planning as a critical activity.

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