078: Leadership by Design: Rise of the DEO | with Maria Guidice & Christopher Ireland



Rise of the DEOIn the 20th century, in casting the ideal CEO, we took our cues from MBAs and the military. But many of the most recent superstars, such as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Larry Page don’t seem to fit that model. So is it the most effective model for the 21st century?

Maria Giudice is Facebook’s Director of Product Design. Christopher Ireland is Co-founder at the startup incubator Mix & Stir. Their new book is Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design, about a new model for leaders to excel in unpredictable, fast-moving and value-charged conditions. It explores the intersection of creativity and business acumen, explaining how and why this unlikely coupling produces leaders most capable of solving our increasingly complex business problems.

Christopher, Maria, and Jesse discuss how to unlock creativity in a traditional executive and teach a creative professional how to become an effective business leader. Together, they examine how DEOs run their companies and why this approach makes sense in today’s business world.

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