144: Best Communication Tools for Teamwork



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On Engaging Leader, we share a lot of principles about leadership communication, but what about collaboration communication? In other words, what’s the most effective and efficient way to talk to the colleagues and clients you work with most closely in order to do great work together?

That’s a trick question, because there isn’t (yet) a single communication tool that’s best for every moment of collaboration. The answer depends on several factors, which we’ll quickly discuss and then share Jesse’s current favorite tool for the different situations.

Three tools limited people who are stuck in the mid-90s:

  • In-person meeting
  • Email
  • Conference call

10 considerations when picking a communication tool at any given moment:

  1. In person vs. virtual
  2. Real-time vs. on-demand (asynchronous)
  3. Focusing vs. distraction-inviting
  4. Typed vs. spoken audio vs. visual
  5. Non-visual vs. screen sharing (webcast) vs. webcam (videoconference)
  6. Silent vs. audible
  7. Instant (urgent) vs. at-convenience
  8. Introverted vs. extraverted (speed and energy for you and the other person[s])
  9. Organized (threaded)
  10. Searchable (and archived)

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Jesse’s current favorite communication tools for teamwork:

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