151: Work Smarter, Not Harder – Productivity Hacks to Get More & Better Work Done in Less Time | with David Burkus



David Burkus is the organizer of the upcoming Work Smarter Summit, an online video-based virtual conference where world-class experts share their proven tactics for getting more done, earning more money, and living a life of purpose and productivity.

Based on interviews with those experts, David has compiled a free ebook called Work Smarter, Not Harder, which spotlights over 30 productivity hacks that will do everything from helping you squeeze one hour out of your day, to doing 10 times what you’re doing now in half the time and energy. In this episode, Jesse and David discuss several productivity hacks from the ebook, including:

  • Looking back, looking ahead (provided by Jeff Brown)
  • Blocking out time for deep work 4-5 weeks in advance (provided by Cal Newport)
  • Calendly, ScheduleOnce, and MeetNow
  • Block out some discretionary time every single day (provided by Susan Fowler)
  • Journaling (provided by Whitney Johnson)
  • The two-device rule

David Burkus is the best-selling author of The Myths of Creativity and Under New Management. He is an award-winning podcaster and management professor, teaching courses on organizational behavior, innovation, and strategic leadership. And he’s an internationally renowned speaker, having delivered keynote speeches and workshops for Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and Google, and at in-demand conferences such as SXSW and TEDx events.

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