170: Transforming Resistance to Change | with Christine Comaford



How do great leaders overcome resistance to change ― and the stress that accompanies it? Navigating change is hard, and people often get emotionally hijacked in the process.

Leaders need potent, easy to learn, highly effective brain-based tools to navigate the emotions connected with growth and change ― and get their team on track. 

In this episode, Jesse talks to Christine Comaford about tools to help leaders overcome resistance to change ― not by manipulating people, but by helping them develop emotional agility.

The latest book from top leadership consultant and employee engagement expert Christine Comaford is Power Your Tribe: Create Resilient Teams in Turbulent Times.  Whether it’s diminished sales, increased competition, or corporate restructuring, change is a natural part of doing business in today’s high-speed, information-overload, instant-response environment. But at the same time, inherent in human nature is resistance to change ― a basic emotional response that is well-documented by neuroscience.

By training and empowering your team members to shift their emotional states ― and see the positive potential of change ― you can lead your tribe through any challenge and ensure success for years to come.

This conversation includes:

  • Using the Emotional Wheel to plan leadership communications about the change,
  • Helping your people process their feelings about the change,
  • Using the SBM Index (Safety, Belonging, Mattering) to quickly assess employee engagement and then develop effective influencing messages about the change, and
  • How to respond when employees express mockery about the new program (converting mockery into usefulness).

Comaford has helped countless leaders navigate growth and change. The potent neuroscience techniques she teaches are easy to learn and immediately applicable to help leaders see into their blind spots, expand their vision, and more effectively influence outcomes.

Recently named one of the Top 50 Human Behavior Experts to Follow and one of the Global Employee Engagement Influencers, Christine is a leadership columnist for Forbes.com and lectures at Harvard Business School. Her two previous New York Times bestselling business books are SmartTribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together and Rules for Renegades.

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