191: 3 Hacks for Emotional Transparency That Cultivates Accountability | with Jonathan Raymond



If it seems like you can’t trust your team to own projects and results, how can you improve accountability?

This is the final episode in a four-part series of interviews with Jonathan Raymond about how to practice emotional transparency to cultivate accountability within your team. This time, we discuss three hacks — the most important things to remember — when practicing emotional transparency to cultivates accountability in the workplace.

Emotional transparency is important because, without it, people speak in generalities and tiptoe around the real conversation to avoid triggering defensiveness, resulting in no progress in the relationship because you haven’t given enough tractionable information to the person you’re trying to influence.

Jonathan Raymond is the author of the book Good Authority: How to Become the Leader Your Team Is Waiting For. He is the CEO at Refound, a leadership training company that teaches people how to have human conversations at work. Previously, Jonathan was the CEO of EMyth (the company behind the famous book), where he led the transformation of a global coaching brand.

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