195: Engaging Generations part 2 — How to Communicate with Millennials and Gen Z | with JJ Lahey



In case you didn’t already realize it, the people who are graduating college now and entering your workforce are not considered Millennials … they are the next generation, Gen Z (sometimes called Post-Millennials).  And even though Millennials have already driven a significant shift in how people communicate in the workplace, it looks like Generation Z is driving another major shift. As a leader, how do you connect with younger employees … to capture their attention, earn their trust, and inspire them to take action? This episode discusses principles and tips that are effective in this new era of communication. 

Our guest is Jesse’s colleague and son, JJ Lahey. JJ is a communications professional who specializes in graphic design, video production, and web design — for both internal (workforce) and external (marketing) communications. He works on our team at Workforce Communication, as well as in the marketing and advertising department of SunFrog, a large T-shirt manufacturer. He’s among the very youngest of the Millennials, right on the border of Generations Y and Z, and has done a lot of observing, reading, and experimenting with engaging those generations.


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