203: 4 Ways to Keep Work Fulfilling for Remote Workers | with Bruce Daisley, former Twitter VP



Due to the coronavirus, the number of people working from home is skyrocketing.

Even without a pandemic, working remotely has become a very common arrangement, allowing companies to access top talent without worrying about geography, while offering greater flexibility for workers to do great work on their own terms. And yet over time, dissatisfaction, disconnection, and burnout tend to creep in.

What steps can remote workers and their leaders take to keep work fulfilling and productive for the whole team? Author and former Twitter VP Bruce Daisley returns to the show to share four more of his research-backed, user-friendly strategies for bringing joy to the workplace — this time focusing on the strategies that are particularly helpful when some or all of the workforce is remote.

Bruce Daisley is the author of Eat Sleep Work Repeat: 30 Hacks for Bringing Joy to Your Job. From 2012 through January 2020, Bruce was Twitter’s Vice President across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Previously, he ran YouTube UK at Google. Bruce’s passion for improving work led to him creating the podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat on making work better. It became a number 1 smash in the UK (also hitting the business top 10 in the US).

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