Employee Gamification Round-Up 5.20.13


EGF-NYCStay up to date on employee gamification trends. Here are my faves among recent articles relevant to using game-inspired tactics to engage employees…

  • Dilbert discovers employee gamification (you knew he would). Gamification makes it easy for cynics, because there are plenty of examples where companies have added PBL to “reward” people for completing tasks. But in the performance-management context of this comic, adding game elements to amplify the intrinsic value of feedback would be more effective than using it to incent the actual work tasks. Also, Microsoft’s Ross Smit, a pioneer of productivity gamification, has pointed out that not all work is suitable to be gamified. Still, it’s a funny strip!  http://bit.ly/12OEKgC
  • How do you engage new hires, rather than overwhelm or bore them? / Gamify Onboarding – Racing through the 90 days http://buff.ly/14bC3Y1
  • Can gamification help increase employee engagement, by meeting younger employee’s preference for daily feedback? http://bit.ly/YQGfeh
  • Poor design can do more harm than good / 12 Ways To Make Your Employee Gamification Project Fail http://bit.ly/ZN3VOk
  • Will “eco-gamification” trump “green champion”? / New book: How Gamification Can Help Engage in Sustainability. http://buff.ly/13sArWT
  • During the habit forming phase of the user journey, rewards can play a part. Once you head in to the mastery phase, rewards needs to give way to more intrinsic forms of motivation. A thoughtful short read by Andrzej Marczewski./  More on Gamification and Careers

Jesse Lahey, SPHR, is the host of the Engaging Leader podcast, host of the Game Changer podcast series, and managing principal of Aspendale Communications. Connect with him on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.

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