Employee Gamification Round-Up 5.3.13


EGF NYCStay up to date on employee gamification trends. Here are my faves among recent articles relevant to using game-inspired tactics to engage employees…

  • Excellent research paper from Zoë Epstein, with tons of examples and results. / Enterprise Gamification for Employee Engagement – http://bit.ly/1249bis
  • Agree that Role Playing Games such as Final Fantasy, Xenoblade & Dragon Quest translate flawlessly? / Employee Training Gamification – http://bit.ly/108ZRb4
  • Interesting examples from Reddit and GAIN Fitness (which is new to me) / Life’s but a Game: The Gamifying Trend – http://bit.ly/108WCAg
  • I love the Rails for Zombies example for Skills Building, from recent Game Changer podcast guest Karl Kapp / When to use Gamification – http://bit.ly/134Nn8E
  • Great summary of when and how competition does and does NOT work well in Employee Gamification, by Mario Herger, of enterprise-gamification.com / On Competition and Gamification Gurus – http://pocket.co/sUdUh
  • I like the goCatch example, to improve customer service rather than just chasing money. / Employee Gamification – http://pocket.co/sUdYp via deloittedigital.com
  • I’ve been thinking about this too. Also consider the importance of visual management in both. / GamifiKaizen – Employee Gamification and Kaizen: How to maintain continuous improvement? – http://pocket.co/sUdjR by Gal Rimo, enterprise-gamification.com
  • I like the term “engagement project.” / Badgeville founder takes “gamification” off the vocabulary list – http://pocket.co/sUdqb

Jesse Lahey, SPHR, is the host of the Engaging Leader podcast, host of the Game Changer podcast series, and managing principal of Aspendale Communications. Connect with him on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.

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