GC02: Badge of Engagement | with Kris Duggan




Kris Duggan is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Badgeville, and the author of Business Gamification for Dummies. He oversees product and strategic direction and serves on Badgeville’s Board of Directors. Kris is a sought-after thought leader on gamification, social business and cloud computing. He led Badgeville from its bootstrap phase to a high-growth venture-backed company with hundreds of global customers in under three years, raising three rounds of funding as one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies.

In this episode of Game Changer, Jesse and Kris discuss the software and gamification solutions offered by Badgeville and examine ways to “get more people to do more stuff, more often.”  Kris shares his thoughts on how to tap into what truly motivates people in order to drive behavior and increase productivity.

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For the transcript of this episode: Badge of Engagement | with Kris Duggan

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