GC10: The Game of Knowledge | with Stephen Kaukonen & Thomas Hsu of Accenture




Our guests in this episode are Stephen Kaukonen and Thomas Hsu of Accenture, the management and tech consulting firm with over 260,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. Thomas is a social collaboration and knowledge management subject matter expert (SME), as well as the certified gamification expert leading Accenture’s Gamification community of practice. Steve is the culture change lead for Accenture’s Social Learning team. They help us unpack the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations specific to enterprise social collaboration, and share lessons learned and results from Accenture’s journey to gamify their own social collaboration capabilities.

Examples Mentioned:

  • Addo Agnitio Award (A3): The A3 award, named after the Latin words meaning “to give knowledge,” is a quarterly recognition program that rewards Accenture employees who collaborate and share knowledge across the company, such as using discussion forums, blogs, and Knowledge Exchange contributions.
  • Value Pursuit Game: Allows Accenture employees to test their knowledge of the Accenture Management Consulting Way. Developed in cooperation with Stanford University, Value Pursuit is played individually or with a team, as participants answer questions and chart their actions to earn “value coins,” which can be cashed in.

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