GC11: Improving Life, One Game at a Time | with Chris Hewett of Mindbloom


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Chris Hewett is the founder and Executive Producer at Mindbloom, a Seattle-based interactive media company with a mission to make life improvement accessible to everyone. Mindbloom offers several game-related products, but perhaps the best-known is Life Game, which helps people lead a healthier, more balanced life. In addition, the company offers several mobile apps, which inspire people to live the life they want to live while on the go.

Aetna Inc. recently announced the company is making the premium version of Life Game available to participants in its employer health plans. Life Game uses the metaphor of a “life tree,” which is a visual representation of your priorities and progress in matters such as health, lifestyle, career, creativity, relationships, finances and spirituality. You keep the tree green and healthy by creating an action plan that encourages you to live the life you want. You can choose your own activities from a list of 500 that Mindbloom recommends, such as substituting water for soda, taking the stairs to the office, cleaning your room each day, or simply thanking a friend.

Together, Jesse and Chris discuss the features and applications of Mindbloom products as well as the thought process that went into their design:

  • Life Game
  • Juice
  • Bloom
  • Proof!

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

  • To download any of the mentioned products, visit Mindbloom’s website.
  • For more information regarding a custom solution based on contact bennie@mindbloom.com.

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