GC23: Using the Gamification User Types in the Real World | with Andrzej Marczewski



Gamification User TypesThe tech research firm Gartner made headlines in late 2012 when it predicted that 80% of current gamified applications would fail to meet business objectives — due to poor design, ineffective communication, or ill-defined business objectives. If poor design is a primary culprit of failed gamification, how can you improve your chances of success?

Andrzej Marczewski is the Intranet Webmaster at Capgemini UK and author of Gamification – A Simple Introduction & a Bit More. He explains how understanding user types can increase the odds that your gamification will achieve your objectives. Marczewski’s current model User Types 2.0 describes six user types:

  • Socialisers are motivated by Relatedness. They want to interact with others and create social connections.
  • Free Spirits are motivated by Autonomy. They want to create and explore.
  • Achievers are motivated by Mastery. They are looking to learn new things and improve themselves. They want challenges to overcome.
  • Philanthropists are motivated by Purpose. This group are altruistic, wanting to give back to other people and enrich the lives of others in some way.
  • Players are motivated by Rewards. They will do what is needed of them to collect rewards from a system.
  • Disruptors are motivated by various things, but in general they want to disrupt your system, either by directly or through other users.

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