GC25: Four Game Drives – and One Drive to Rule Them All



Four Game Drives - and One Drive to Rule Them AllAssuming you have defined the right business objectives, the most important key for successful gamification is to target the right motivators: the drives that make people want to engage and that stimulate the right thoughts and actions to accomplish your objectives.

In this episode, Jesse discusses:

  • The Four “E.A.S.I.” Game Drives
  • Game Actions that appeal to each of the Four Game Drives
  • How to consider the player’s focus based on their dominant drive: are players more focused on people or things, and are they more focused on outcomes or process?
  • Games Drives in the Wild: LiveOps Case Study
  • One Drive to Rule Them All: of the four Game Drives, one is the most important when it comes to employee gamification

E.A.S.I. Game Drives Compared to Other Models

E.A.S.I. Game Drives McClelland’s Three Needs Pink’s Drives Bartle’s Player Types Kim’s Social Engagement Verbs Chou’s Octalysis
Explore Autonomy Explorer Explore Ownership
Achieve Achievement Mastery Achiever Compete Accomplishment
Socialize Affiliation Relatedness* Socializer Collaborate Social influence
Impact Impact Purpose Killer Express Meaning
Avoidance scarcity

*Although excluded from Daniel Pink’s book Drive (probably for the sake of simplicity), Relatedness is one of the core components of Edward Deci and Richard Ryan’s Self-Determination Theory, on which Drive is based.

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