GC33: Playing a Better Game of Business | with Simcha Gluck of FreshBiz



FreshBizz GameGamification concepts continue to be integrated as part of normal business practices; sometimes it’s as subtle as taking inspiration from certain game elements when tweaking a business process, and at the other end of the spectrum, sometimes it’s literally creating a game for people to play. For one growing company, they not only have created a game that tens of thousands of people have played, they are changing the overall “game” of business itself — to transform corporate culture, education, and entrepreneurship.

As long-time listeners of Jesse’s podcasts know, he’s passionate about the power of business and communication to make a positive difference in communities and in individual lives.

FreshBiz Global is a “For-Benefit” training company with a mission to infuse fun, multidimensional winning, and smart thinking into organizations around the world.

They accomplish this through workshops based on their award-winning FreshBiz board game (also soon to be released in digital format), the book The New Entrepreneurz, and the plug-and-play FreshBiz Training Kit for trainers and managers to take teams through transformational learning experiences.

The FreshBiz game creates a business simulation where players create “Smartnerships,” play Action Cards, learn to leverage their strengths, and use other principles that help them embody a “For-Benefit” approach to business, where success is when everyone wins. The intention is that playing the game helps people rewire their brain to a mindset that is more collaborative, open, creative, and daring, so they not only sharpen their entrepreneurial skills but also experience an approach to business that maximizes benefit for everyone playing rather than just maximizing profit at all cost.

Currently, over 35,000 people across 20 countries — from business students and entrepreneurs to executives and teams — have gone through the FreshBiz experience and are now smarter in business and life.

Simcha Gluck is the chief trainer and co-founder of FreshBiz Global. He is also co-author of the book The New Entrepreneurz: Changing the Way You Play Life, and he hosts the radio talk show Innovation Nation on Voice of Israel.

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