Give It Some Space Don’t Cram Too Much into Your Communication



White space is more than just a white space…it’s an excellent communication tool to help you eliminate useless clutter in your message, your layout, or your conversation.

In visual communication, white space means any area that is free from text, images, or embellishments. Space directs your eye and emphasizes your visual point. It also gives your audience the freedom to process your message. White space could simply be the margin and line spacing of your text…or even the spacing between the letters. Space can be created with a photo or solid color background. It can also be created with a border or by removing a border. Read more from Canva about 8 ways to design with white space. A 10-minute read.

You also can create space in your message. Say. It. Succinctly. Every word you use should have a purpose and a meaning to your message. You don’t need big words or many words. Just say what you mean. This is true in written and spoken communication. However, it doesn’t mean you need to be abrupt or insensitive. It doesn’t mean you can’t tell a story to make your point. It just means to be thoughtful in your word choice. Write your message. Walk away for a bit. Then, read what you wrote and cut unnecessary words.

Conversation can have space, too…it’s called silence. As you share your message, tell your story, or facilitate your meeting, pause. Allow listeners to process what you have to say. It helps improve understanding and gives them a chance to respond. If you talk, talk, talk without a pause … at some point … your audience will get bored or distracted and check out.

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