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Jesse Lahey and the Engaging Leader team provide informative, entertaining keynotes and workshops at conferences and private corporate events. Through speaking about a blend of memorable stories, up-to-date research, and practical tips, we make sure participants take away information they can immediately use to communicate, engage, and lead with greater impact.

Jesse Lahey, SPHR is a speaker, author, and consultant with over 25 years of experience in leadership and workforce communication. He is the author or contributor of three leadership books. His popular podcasts have been downloaded millions of times by leaders around the world. He is co-founder and strategic partner of Workforce Communication, a team of consultants and creatives using the power of communication to help organizations make a difference in the performance and well-being of their people. 

 Jesse’s talk was the one that made this entire conference worthwhile to me! 

 Jesse has a rare talent for helping people to become leaders. If you’re on the company ladder, Jesse can help you climb to the top

 I love that Jesse offers tips on enhancing GENUINE engaging leadership, not just faking it. 

 Your presentation was the hit of the breakout sessions. You advertised it as entertaining . . . and you totally delivered

Signature Programs

Take your journey to engaging leadership to the next level!

Mobile Engagement for Workforce Communication

Reach More People, Faster

Most people now expect timely communication and information in the “mobile moment” – the instant they want to know or to take action. In this session, you will learn the tools to develop a mobile engagement strategy for your workforce communications.

Surprising Communication Secrets for Leader

How to Influence People to Take Action

Your success as a leader depends on your ability to move people to action. To make a difference, you need to become an engaging leader who inspires trust, passion, and action. This interactive talk blends memorable stories, the latest research, and practical tips that you can put to work immediately.

All programs can be customized to meet the goals and objectives of your organization or event. Our speaking programs are available as keynotes, breakouts, workshops, webinars, and panel discussions. To bring us to your organization or next event, please complete our Speaker Request Form or contact us at (989) 787-0060.

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