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5 Surprising Secrets to Influence 3.0™

ENGAGING LEADER™ speaking programIn the 21st century, leaders who are producing the best business results are those who practice Influence 3.0.™ Surprisingly, this has nothing to do with charisma, new technologies, or employee incentives. Instead, it has everything to do with how you think and communicate!

Influence 3.0 is a model that focuses your team on making a difference that matters, while building employee engagement and team-wide accountability along the way.

In this fascinating presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to upgrade your influence beyond simply being a manager (Influence 1.0) or a leader (Influence 2.0).
  • The single most important motive for an engaging leader
  • Four thought patterns researchers have discovered that make engaging leaders rise above the rest
  • Five communication secrets that spark these thought patterns in you—and in the leaders your organization needs to develop!

Jesse Lahey, SPHRFor a preview of our teaching on this topic, check out these samples.

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