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5 Surprising Secrets to People-Powered Impact™
Today’s leaders who are producing superior business results are those who practice People-Powered Impact.™ Surprisingly, this has nothing to do with charisma, new technologies, or employee incentives. Instead, it has everything to do with how you think and communicate! [read more]

ENEngaging Stories™ speaking programGAGING STORIES™

Using Storytelling to Influence Employees
Nothing sticks like a story. When you say, “Let me tell you a story,” everyone pays attention – and they are more likely to remember your point. In this program, you’ll learn a simple model for effective storytelling, plus guidelines for applying the model to leadership communication. [read more]

Engaging Wellness™ speaking programENGAGING WELLNESS™

Creating a Culture of Health
There may not be a quick solution that you can simply “plug in,” but for leaders who care about their people, you can build a culture of health that pays off in lower expenses, higher productivity, and higher employee engagement. Learn about an approach that has helped inspire nearly 100% participation in biometric screenings and saved one employer millions of dollars each year. [read more]

Engaging Brand™ speaking programENGAGING BRAND™

Building an Employer Brand That Attracts and Engages Top Talent
Learn how to define and articulate a meaningful employee value proposition (EVP), how to ensure your employer brand is consistent with your customer brand, and how to translate your organization’s purpose and values into branding that excites and engages best-fit candidates. [read more]

Game Changer: Using Gamification to Engage Employees


Using Gamification to Engage Employees
Gamification is one of today’s hottest trends in business, but can it engage employees in the way you hope? In this unbiased (non-vendor) presentation, you’ll gain an understanding of what internal gamification is, how it’s being used effectively, and what communication and gaming principles should be considered. [read more]

Jesse Lahey, SPHR

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