Engaging Brand™

Building an Employer Brand That Attracts and Engages Top Talent

Engaging Brand™ speaking programTalent management starts before the hiring decision is made. How candidates view your organization is as important as the value proposition that current employees embrace. The common denominator is an employer brand that authentically portrays your organization’s purpose and values.

The approach and the supporting communications must be seamless and send the right message to candidates, new hires, and long-term employees. Bringing the right talent to your team requires presenting recruiting communications that portray your company’s culture and employee value proposition (EVP) with authenticity and energy. Effective onboarding communications introduce newly hired talent in a way that reinforces their decision to join the team, sets them up for success, and aligns them with the organization’s values.

Beyond the newly hired phase, good communication reinforces the employee value proposition, identifies growth opportunities, and engages employees as they become more integrated into the organization.

Jesse Lahey, SPHRIn this presentation, you will learn:

  • Three components of an effective employer brand
  • How to define and articulate a meaningful employee value proposition
  • Four keys to ensure your employer brand is consistent with your customer brand
  • How to translate your organization’s purpose and values into branding that excites and engages best-fit candidates.

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