Surprising Communication Secrets for Leaders

“Through stories, exercises, and data, Jesse held everyone’s attention at our annual conference of HR managers. The practical concepts were so helpful that we invited him back to speak to all the medical staff at our onsite clinics.”
~ Paul Mackey, SPHR; Vice President of Employee Health and Benefits; Alliance Coal

How to Influence People to Take Action

Your success as a leader depends on your ability to move people to action … to create a shared purpose, make real progress, and accomplish great things together. In the 21st century, leadership relies on communication more than ever before. And simply providing information or telling people what to do doesn’t produce lasting change. To make a difference, you need to become an engaging leader who inspires trust, passion, and action.

This interactive talk blends memorable stories, the latest research, and practical tips that you can put to work immediately. You’ll learn how the communication discipline can help you become not only a better leader, but a more successful businessperson (and maybe even a better person overall).

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Foil the hidden villain that steals your ability to influence employees, peers, and senior executives.
  • Pull the four levers of communication, including the two that give you the most leverage.
  • Unlock the secret reason why people are resisting your influence.
  • Use two planning templates: One to make sure your communication is aimed at the right target, plus one to hit the bullseye on that target.
  • Apply four skills that will improve your ability to connect with others.
  • Practice the one simple action you can take that will set you apart as an engaging leader.

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