The Best Open Enrollment Tactics in a Pandemic



With the virus still plaguing us, there are no standard operating procedures for our everyday lives…at home or at work. However, the benefits open enrollment for 2021 must go on! What’s worked in the past will need to be tweaked, if not completely revamped.

Meet employees where they are by using a multi-channel approach.

Employees may be working with alternative schedules in remote locations. Think about how to reach them in different ways, including video delivered via email or online, webinars and video conferences, and text messaging. You should also consider mailing something home this year to be sure you reach everyone.

Be responsive and answer employee questions quickly.

Face-to-face meetings and benefits fairs will be non-existent this year, but employees will still have questions. Be creative. Use video conference technology for live, virtual sessions. Cover anticipated questions online in an interactive Q&A or in a series of intranet posts. Promote one-on-one telephone support if you have it.

Limit the amount of detail you push out.

Streamline the information employees need to make their decisions. Don’t provide every detail about the plans during enrollment. Instead, provide employees and family members links to other resources with more details, including your benefits portal, online Q&A, or a recording of your virtual meetings.

Be present and send reminders.

People have a lot on their minds, are stretched thin, and will likely have other distractions. A once-and-done strategy is not a good idea this year. Send a heads-up message so employees know the enrollment dates and what to expect. Then, provide reminders regularly so no one misses the deadline.

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