What Are You Forgetting? Press Play on Video



Each year, our culture takes another leap in the digital revolution. This has sent video to the forefront of communication channels.

Some examples. COVID-19 has forced Zoom meetings to become the backbone of our daily schedules. TikTok and Instagram Reels have exploded on the mobile entertainment scene. And even Facebook now encourages advertisers to use video ads versus text-heavy promotions. All that has contributed to video being the most-shared, online content.

Back in 2014, Catherine Clifford, senior entrepreneurship writer at CNBC, predicted that the more information became accessible, the more companies would need to push harder to become increasingly competitive in their communication.

Consider these marketing stats as you plan how to use video communication with your workforce:
+ According to HubSpot, videos reach their peak share rate in Q4 of each year, which is coming up soon!
+ Video marketers average 66% greater qualified sales leads per year than those who do not use video.
+ Video ads achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness over non-video ads.
+ Product videos can increase purchases by 144%.

A video puts a face and a voice to an issue and a message. This allows your audience to feel closer to the content. Plus, information presented in video is mentally processed 60,000 times faster than printed text, freeing the brain to ponder on the deeper implications of your message more quickly. That’s a true advantage. How can you use video to amplify your next workforce communication message?

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