WHE03: Matching Employees with the Right Hospitals for Advanced/Specialty Care | with Rick Chelko from EdisonHealth



Through EdisonHealth, members of contracting health plans can gain access to heart, valve, spine, and transplant care at some of the highest-performing clinics and health systems in the United States.  The EdisonHealth Network contracts with first-rate hospitals and clinics, and then extends the exclusive benefits of these contracts to participating employers and health plans along with a suite of care coordination, claims payment, performance reporting and related services.


Rick is President and Founder of The Chelko Consulting Group, a boutique health and welfare benefits consulting firm headquartered in Cleveland, OH.  Previously, Rick served as a Principal and Regional Practice Leader for Ernst & Young LLP.  He is recognized as an industry expert in the areas of health care consumerism, benefits design and management, and health promotion. Rick also serves as the National Co-President of WEB (the Worldwide Employee Benefits Network).

At Aspendale Communications, we’ve had solid success in helping employer implement programs that help get employees and their family members to the right hospitals and other providers. As you can imagine, there are pitfalls that can cause patients to ignore those programs, or worse, mistrust the employer or health plan. In this episode, Jesse and Rick discuss the latest trends regarding direct contracts, centers of excellence, and health care consumerism to help employees and their families make choices that optimize health outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

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