WHE06: Healthy Eating in the Workplace | with Alison Acerra from Guckenheimer



Healthy Eating in the WorkplaceMany companies are spending huge amounts of health care dollars paying for treatment of medical conditions caused primarily by poor food choices. Then they spend money on top of that for wellness programs to encourage employees to make better food choices. But when you check the food options available in the company’s cafeteria and vending machines, you find mostly burgers, fries, candy, and donuts. It seems a bit like these employers are shooting themselves in the foot, especially when you consider not just the long-term health consequences of poor nutrition, but also the immediate hits to employee energy, focus, and productivity.

By making healthier food choices available, and engaging workplace conversations about them, employers can shift the collective behavior of the workforce much more effectively than just with wellness programming. Healthy onsite nutrition options, and the signage and communications to help employees make healthy choices, are all part of an integrated approach to workforce health engagement.

To discuss the latest trends in providing and promoting healthy eating options in the workplace, our guest is Alison Acerra, MS, RD, national nutrition and wellness manager for Guckenheimer, a national workplace foodservice provider.

Guckenheimer began with a single sandwich stand in the courtyard of Stanford Medical School. It all started in 1965 when medical student Stewart Ritchie and his nursing student wife Jeanie hit on a novel way to finance Stewart’s education. Dismayed by the bland lunch choices available at the school, they set about offering healthier, tastier alternatives. Students, faculty members and staff loved the fresh and delicious food, the friendly service and their openness to suggestions.

Aspendale Communications can help promote and educate employees about healthy eating choices at your company. Whether that’s through some of the ideas that Alison and Jesse discuss in this episode, or using other means, we can help you plan and execute a communication strategy that’s integrated with the rest of your workforce health strategies.

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