WHE25: For Stronger Motivation, Promote Energy – Not Just Good Health | with Tom Rath



PrintMaking the connection between better health decisions and daily energy levels does far more to change employee behavior than telling them about longer-term health consequences.

At most organizations, a workforce health strategy includes communication and education to motivate and equip employees and their families to reduce health risks, improve well-being, and prevent the development of serious (and expensive) health problems.

But according to research scientist Tom Rath, the typical health messages aren’t very effective in motivating people on an ongoing basis to make healthier decisions – not even people who already face life-threatening conditions.

Tom is a senior scientist and advisor to The Gallup Organization, where he helps people and organizations reach their potential. Tom was featured in our Workforce Health Engagement episode 2, “Wellness Communication & Education: Which Info & Messages Truly Help?” His previous bestsellers include Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements and EAT MOVE SLEEP: Why Small Choices Make a Big Difference. His newest book is Are You Fully Charged? 3 Keys to Energizing Your Work and Life.

Jesse and Tom discuss why the typical wellness messages aren’t very effective, and share examples of messages that are more effective.

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