WHE30: Millennials and Healthcare: How They Experience the System | with Hector De La Torre



Depositphotos_25725981_s-2015They’re supposedly young and healthy, but a new study shows that more than half of Millennials report having a chronic health condition. In addition, Millennials struggle how to navigate the health care system, starting with choosing an appropriate health plan in the first place.

These and other surprising findings are from a new study on Millennials and their experience with the health insurance and health care system.

In a recent poll conducted by the Transamerica Center for Health Studies of 1,171 U.S. Millennials, the research looks at how this mega-generation has experienced the healthcare system to-date and their expectations moving forward. In this episode, Jesse interviews Hector De La Torre, the Executive Director of the Transamerica Center for Health Studies (TCHS).

Jesse and Hector discuss the key findings of the study, as well as what employers can do to help Millennials choose a health plan that’s right for them and make appropriate choices about providers and treatment options.

TCHS a nonprofit focused on helping consumers and businesses navigate the healthcare landscape. Through its broad-based analysis and research findings, TCHS informs the national healthcare conversation by bringing clarity to the complex decision-making regarding health coverage and personal health and wellness.

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