152: Don’t Just Lead — 3 Ways to ENGAGE



In the 21st century, those who are changing the world aren’t just leaders; they’re engagers.

Managers and leaders try to get others to do what is needed. Engagers create conditions and cultivate a team that is fully energized to achieve the organization’s purpose.

Managers and leaders see themselves as the magic. Engagers see the team as the magic.

The skills of traditional management (Influence 1.0) include recruitment, alignment, coaching, feedback, recognition, project planning, and problem-solving.

The skills of traditional leadership (Influence 2.0) include thinking strategically, making decisions, casting a vision and inspiring excitement about it, setting goals, and designing systems and structures to support the goals.

All of that is good stuff. But it essentially boils down to command-and-control, and lots of research shows it no longer drives high performance over the long term.

What’s changing the world today is Influence 3.0, or what we call engagership. In a team that is fully engaged in the business, people are both delivering the results that matter most and enjoying the work they do.

For a great overview of the “6C” principles of full engagement, be sure to check out episode 002 at the link below. Today in episode 152, Jesse discusses the three key skills of engagers:

  • Frame: Engage the head (attention and attitude)
  • Facilitate: Engage the heart (passion and genius)
  • Focus: Engage the hands (talent and energy)

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